5 Things to Consider before Buying a Commercial Property

5 Things to Consider before Buying a Commercial Property

Commercial property investment is much more valuable than a residential property. However, you must evaluate the positive and negative things carefully before making an investment.

As an investor, I believe investing on commercial real estate is beyond the reach of the ordinary. Great Planning and successful market research can help you make a better investment decision. Commercial property needs more investment than a residential property.

Looking on the point of view of returns on investment, a commercial property investment is great choice to get better ROI. Commercial property is typically much higher rental yields compare to residential property. Generally vacancy periods are low in commercial property as it is not difficult to find tenants for commercial property.

Before you think of investing in a commercial property, consider these below factors.


The location of the property is major importance. This will be main concentration for the people who looking to lease the property. A Commercial property in key location will be best choice for office and retail use. On the other side, planning to invest on micro-market may not be good decision as there can be long periods of vacancy

Market Research

Before planning to invest it better make the Market research to understand the present market situation. It will help you evaluate if it is the right time to invest or not. Preferably make choice when market is at a low. Check if there is demand for office and retail space in the area.


Commercial property maintenance can be little tough. Therefore you can calculate cost estimates, expenses include property tax and building insurance.

Expert Advice

Contact different real estate consultant to get opinion about the location and all. Even though, always make cross check the information provided by property advisor. If possible check with relatives and friends to clarify the doubts.

All transportation facilities

People always prefer to work in an office which is located in prime location with the better transport facilities. It’s your main duty to endow your office at best location with all these major facilities.

You can contact KC & Hegde if you are searching for commercial office space in Pune. If you are looking for commercial office space for sale, rent or lease in Pune, then you may find lots of options. Make sure you choose the professional and expert real estate agents who will provide great service at best price. To avoid any conflicts, you can explain your agent what you really looking for and prioritize the location, facilities.

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