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KC & Hegde is a leading real estate consultant based in Pune, with wide- ranging influence and interests in Bangalore and Mumbai. Our understanding of the market helps us deliver a higher level of service to our clients.

Equipped with technology, market knowledge, proficient manpower and in-depth experience we enable our clients to achieve their desired real estate solutions.

We take pride in serving our clients, however it is their delight that inspires us. At KC & Hegde we remain true to our core objectives of optimum results and transparent transactions in the residential and commercial property sectors. Our commitment to attracting and nurturing talented resources enables us to provide exceptional services to our clients.

We’re passionate about property. We aim to be progressive in our thinking. Above all, we are thoroughly professional in everything we do.

Our unfailing professionalism, which is enshrined in our motto, transactions are probable but trust is not, has earned us the confidence of clients and respect of the market, in general.


We understand our client’s requirements, identify properties & help them procure the desired infrastructure solutions.

KC & Hegde's representation experts help clients identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives and match it with real estate solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of regional markets, combined with strategic problem-solving abilities, enable our Tenant Representation experts to provide high-value acquisition, renewal, relocation and consolidation services.

Tenant Representation services include strategy development, build-to-suit planning, demographic analysis, and negotiations. Our panel of consultants can also integrate additional client services, such as project management, facilities management and lease administration.

We work with tenants to meet their requirements be it new premises, renewal and relocation. Our strong relationship with landlords, enhanced by our insights into their business drivers, result in informed and productive negotiation and a speedier transaction cycle.

Agency/Landlord leasing services comprise property analytics, including market, occupancy and location analysis; and leasing strategy and programs; marketing strategy and programs; accounting and financial reporting; and leasing negotiation. Through our comprehensive suite of leasing services, we help our landlord clients achieve full, long term occupancy, a creditworthy tenant base, and maximum rental rates.

As transactions professionals with a high tenure in the industry, we bring an advanced degree of business acumen to each assignment.

We work with each landlord to create a leasing and marketing plan that attracts credit-worthy, prestigious tenants best suited for the property.

Our team of management consultants and analysts partner with our brokerage colleagues to enable clients make the best investment decision possible. We have significant experience in understanding client challenges, analysing secondary and primary data, uncovering key insights and developing alternative scenarios.

This helps us create compelling deliverables that provide a clear line of sight into trades, leading to optimal solutions to a company’s particular requirements and consideration.

We make transactions on property related matters hassle free for you. Get the best deal on real estate and property offers by consulting our expert team of advisers and consultants.